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The top 5 softwares that travel providers use to enhance customer experience

Traveling is one of the most popular activities of Germans. Even in the crisis year 2020, 50.5 million Germans traveled for at least 5 days at a time. For many people, traveling means recreation, relaxation, freedom, and the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

The way travel is booked and planned is constantly evolving due to digitalization. Travel agencies are using innovative new programs and apps to coordinate and manage flights, hotels, activities, and communications with service providers. We want to present here which are the top softwares that make our holidays possible and revolutionize the work of travel agencies.


Lemax is an all-in-one solution for travel agencies and tour operators. The cloud-based software supports the automation of business processes and increases sales. Functions include reservations, finances, online bookings, document creation, travel arrangements, and accommodation management. Tour operators are also assisted in adding and editing hotels, flights, apartments, and tours with the most important criteria such as pictures, price lists, services, discounts, and capacity.


Resfinity is an online booking engine for airlines, tour operators, and DMCs (Destination Management Companies), offering comprehensive services such as accurate business analysis. Resfinity for Hotels focuses on provider aggregation and distribution of hotels, offline exports of rates and availability, management of high data load, and much more.


Mtrip is a mobile app for tour operators to provide better visibility, a new source of income, and an enhanced travel experience for customers. The white label solution allows the app to be perfectly tailored to the online travel provider, the business travel management, or the travel agency. Features such as transportation, accommodation, itineraries, offline maps, travel dashboards, and trip sharing help gain the trust and loyalty of customers.


Hero is a SaaS solution to support the streamlining of travel agency bookings, ticketing, and payment processes. Administrators can, among other things, receive booking confirmations with extensive contact details, set up commission rates, and create and send vouchers.


CALLSTR is a browser-based software that can be easily integrated into any website and allows website visitors to start a video consultation with a single click via a widget. Customer requests can be processed quickly and efficiently, and the personal contact promotes the user experience and thus customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty. With the help of the video and screen sharing function, consulting-intensive offers can be clearly explained. CALLSTR distinguishes itself by a particularly user-friendly operation. No software download or registration is required for the website visitor.

Software solutions such as these, which permanently improve the customer experience and help build customer loyalty, will continue to become more and more relevant in the future. According to Bitkom Research, clients particularly value personal contact (63 percent) and advice (58 percent). But Bitkom CEO Dr. Bernhard Rohleder stresses that digital offerings are becoming smarter and more able to respond to the specific interests of the customer. This makes it all the more important for travel agencies to take advantage of the new digital opportunities. As Kathrin Spichala, press spokesperson for TUI Germany has said, the question of how to link traditional sales channels with new digital channels is of crucial importance for tour operators.

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