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The quick Guide to Video Consultation

You integrated CALLSTR into your website and you are ready to start video conversations?

To prepare you and ensure that you will make a great impression we put together some useful tips!

1. In person or online – a clean look is a must-have! You don’t have to wear a business suit, but clothing that is appropriate for your company is advised. 

2. Smile – A kind smile will boost your confidence and it helps your customer feel at ease, which they will remember. As we all know: Laughing is contagious!

3. The right ambience – Make sure to have good lighting that makes it easier to see you on camera. Also choose a neutral, calm background without potential distractions and personal pictures.

4. Good technical equipment – A stable WiFi is a must, as well as earphones with a microphone or a headset to avoid disruptive noises. 

5. The right angle – Have your camera at the same height or higher than your eyes so that you don’t appear to be looking down on your customers. If you also manage to look into the camera instead of on the screen then you will have created a positive atmosphere for your client. 

6. Last but not least – Turn off or silence all devices that could disrupt your conversation so you can put your focus entirely on the customer and don’t get interrupted.  

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a new personal interaction with your customer in the digital space.

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