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How to set up appointments in the CALLSTR Dashboard

By offering appointments, you ensure that the customers can definitely reach you and that enough time is planned for a detailed personal consultation. Thus, personal contact is always guaranteed, taking into account your schedule and that of your customers.

All consultants can individually set their available appointments on the CALLSTR Dashboard. The website visitors can then reserve a suitable date from the available time slots.

After booking an appointment, both the advisor and the client will receive an e-mail with the date and link to the meeting.

In the following you can see how a consultant can set available time slots for appointments in the CALLSTR Dashboard:

Step 1: Go to “Calendar” in the CALLSTR dashboard

Step 2: Click on the settings wheel in the upper right corner

Step 3: Select the day you want and click on the “+”

Step 4: Set the desired length and time of the available appointment

Step 5: Click “+ Add” to select the available dates

Step 6: Click on “Update” to make the dates visible to your customers

With these and other new features, you can use CALLSTR according to your needs and provide your customers with an optimal customer experience.

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