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Sustainable marketing for car dealerships by building a strong online presence

For almost two decades, most industries have been in constant change and are looking for a balance between traditional marketing and a relevant online presence. Nowadays, online marketing is regarded as a decisive flagship for car dealers. However, there are still many car dealers who, out of habit or due to a lack of expertise, refrain from comprehensive online marketing. In the long term, this will become a disadvantage, as technical innovation and the identity of one’s dealership will be one of the only ways to stand out from the competition in this standardized industry.

According to Arthur Kipferler of Beryll’s strategy consultancy, today’s car buyers first go to the Internet to research interesting models and their prices. Until now, the purchase contract is often signed in person, but the numbers of vehicles purchased exclusively online are steadily rising. Customers researching online also means that they are very well informed and approach the advisors of car dealers with increasingly complex questions. The customer experience thus gains in importance as consultants have to offer their customers an added value that goes beyond the provision of publicly available information. Vehicles are considered a long-term, luxurious investment, which is why customers expect personalized advice and buying experience.

To not be lost on marketing platforms and car portals, but to present one’s brand and create sustainable contact points to potential customers, the online presence and the use of enriching digital tools are indispensable.

First of all, it is essential to be easy to find on the net. The company website is a business card, flagship, and showroom. It can also be used to maintain the company’s image, which is crucial for luxury products.

But not only your website is decisive, but also your social media presence. Facebook and Instagram make it possible to start dialogues with potential customers and generate leads if the channels are actively and sustainably operated. The new Facebook pixels, for example, is a versatile marketing tool with useful features such as retargeting.

Many studies have shown that modern customers also want to see more video content from the dealership with the new models. From filmed test drives to virtual tours, the more customers get to see, the more you stand out in the market and strengthen your customer loyalty.

If you want to go one step further and boost your customer experience with a personal online consultation, you should test video consultation directly on your website. Customers can get individual and personal advice in a one-on-one conversation. This offers added value for the consulting-intensive products of a car dealer. Especially now, when many people have questions and concerns about the new e-cars. “ How does an electric car work and what is the range? How do you charge an electric car and is it cheaper than a fuel-powered car?”.

To provide spontaneous insights and information instead of leaving customers alone with their questions, we recommend using the 1-click Videocall widget from CALLSTR.

CALLSTR is a browser-based software that can be easily integrated into any website and allows an efficient fulfillment of your customer’s requests. Personal contact promotes the user experience and thus customer satisfaction, trust and customer loyalty.

Together with effective online marketing, this innovative form of consulting will make you a revolutionary in your industry in the future. You will be able to build a loyal group of customers and prospects from which you can generate promising leads and revenue.

Digital marketing and digital offerings are becoming increasingly important. So you should lead the way as trendsetters of digitization and expand and connect the stationary and digital possibilities of the car trade!

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